Bend Over Backwards For MS

8 years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an auto-immune disease that attacks the central nervous system and can have a multitude of symptoms including impaired movement, loss of vision, and constant nerve pain. Instead of letting this news slow me down, I started moving. I found that practicing yoga helped keep me calm, responsive, physically active—healthy.

As I continue to fight against this disease for myself and others, I have three goals; 1. Raise money to support organizations that are working round the clock to advocate for MS patients, and fund research for better treatments and a cure. 2. Spread awareness and get people involved. 3. Stay healthy.

In an effort to stay healthy, I have decided to commit myself to 108 Days of Yoga. In an effort to end this disease, I am asking people to consider donating $108 to the National MS Society. You can team up with two more friends and donate $36 each, challenge your boss to match you at $56, or donate the $108 yourself. Together, I am hoping to raise $10,800 by the time I complete my #108daysforMS. #BendoverbackwardsMS
To donate or join my team visit


2 thoughts on “Bend Over Backwards For MS

  1. Love this idea! My good friend is committed to finding a cure for MS by actually researching the causes at Northwestern on a research grant – which she committed to on behalf of her mother who has been diagnosed with MS for several years. I’ll donate towards her research, as she’ll be collecting donations around time for the upcoming MS walks in the area.

    Thanks for the great idea – keep inspiring us and pushing us to live our best life!


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