As we begin our journey through 108 days of yoga, it’s every bit as important to be intentional about day 1 as it is for any day along the line. Part of the reason I chose to do a fundraiser over the course of time was to make sure I honored myself and my practice each and everyday.

Finding the best way to start can be as unique to you as the way each person’s yoga practice will unfold.  But if you’re looking for some ideas, here are some great ways to kick off your 108-day practice.

  1. Invite a friend over and do 18 Sun Salutations. 18×6 is 108, what a great number to start your practice with!
  2. Do an online video! is one of my favorites, but is also great and completely free!
  3. Start with svavasana! Take five minutes to just relax completely. This is a wonderful way to set your body up for 108 days of attention. Do a body scan and just notice what your body feels like.
  4. Seek comfort in a favorite studio! I’ll be attending class at my neighborhood studio, Bloom Yoga Studio in Chicago. I have been attending this studio since my diagnosis in 2006. It is where I will be throwing a 108th practice celebration on March 7 and it is the perfect place to kick this off.

Whereever you start, I do hope you will join me! Make sure to share your practice on social media using #BendOverBackwardsMS and #108DaysOfYogaMS.


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