Day 1– And we’re off

I just shared this email with the teammates joining me in Bend Over Backwards MS, but I thought I should also share it with my viewers.  However you practice yoga, and how often you practice is up to you and for you.  Here are some suggestions though if you’re feeling stuck.

It’s Day 1… And we’re off!  Thank you, again, for committing to 108 days of yoga and fighting against MS!  As we begin this journey I’d like to remind you of some easy ways to get your 108 days started.

-Start By Observing:Do some slow sun saltuations and just see where your body is at.  Does one side feel different than the other?  Are some parts of your sun salute easier than others?  Just observe

-Start With Community: Hit up a new or old favotire class.  Or come join me, I’ll be at Bloom Yoga Studio kicking it off in their 4pm Class with Jessie Novak

-Start With A Goal:What do you hope to get out of your yoga practice?  Is there a post you’ve always wanted to get into?  You have 108 day to safely work towards that goal.  What do you need to do to set up for that goal?  Today is a great day to start opening yourself up to that potential of reaching your goal.

-Start With Your Breath: Breathing is the most important thing we can do in life.  So it makes great sense to spend ten minutes focusing on your breath.

-Start With Music: Putting on music that I love is a great way to motivate me through a home practice.  Let the music guide you through your poses.

However you practice yoga today, enjoy it!  and be sure to share it on our facebook page or in your social media using #bendoverbackwardsMS and #108daysofyogaMS.

Much love and gratitude!



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