108th Day Celebration

The 108th day of Yoga for MS was celebrated with an amazing group of caring and generous individuals at Bloom Yoga Studio.  Between the donations for the yoga class lead by Sharon Wentz and the raffle with many prizes donated by local businesses, the evening raised $1,400 to do directly to the National MS Society!  Here is what I had to share at the event:

Thank you all for coming out this evening and joining me in this yoga practice and helping me celebrate what has been an incredible journey of 108 days of yoga, spreading MS Awareness, and raising $10,200 to fund programs and research that will hopefully bring an end to MS!

As I look around the room, I see many faces that have supported me through this journey, people who this would not have been possible without. It is this community that has made Bend Over Backwards For MS so strong. You have hosted Sunday morning yoga practices from your basement, lead donation based classes, asked your friends and family to donate, written articles about me, practiced by my side, committed to 108 days of yoga yourself, and cheered me on as I worked through the ups and downs of this campaign. Thank you.

Through this journey of 108-days, I’ve had the privilege of meeting new friends and teachers. I’ve gained insight and knowledge from teachers here in Chicago, and also Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and LA. I have watched this community of mindful, caring people grow from a group of my closest friends and family to new friends across the country. I am in awe of how much people care about helping others and are eager to spread their generosity.

Thank you to Kerry, Anna, and the rest of the Bloom community for working with me through this campaign and hosting this wonderful event tonight. Bloom has been my home-base yoga studio for the past 9 years. It is where I fell in love with yoga and realized its potential to shape my life for the better. It is so fitting that I celebrate this journey here.

And I couldn’t get through a single day of this without the love and support of my amazing husband who encouraged me on a random October morning to go ahead with this, of my many crazy ideas. He created time for me to get to class, contact donors, and expand our community. He picked up my slack when I was pooped from intense weekend workshops and brought me flowers to celebrate my half-way accomplishment. He even stepped out of his own comfort zone to do yoga himself! Thank you, Jeremy.

Living with MS has meant that some days are better than other. Some days I’m more tired than others. Some days I wake with achy body parts or feel like my vision is blurred. It has meant sometimes having to do what my body is telling me and rather than what my heart wants. Having a regular yoga practice has helped me tackle the challenges of MS both physically and emotionally. There were days through this journey that my body didn’t want to leave bed. I felt discouraged that by day 92 my physical yoga practice wasn’t stronger than I had hoped it would be. Perhaps some of you saw the photo I posted of me in a supported twist over a pillow that evening. What I learned from that day was that my practice had become much more advanced. I learned how to shape my practice to fit what my body needed. Which is the only way I can get through not only doing yoga everyday, but living healthfully in general. My body is not strong enough for an intense daily practice, but my heart is persistent enough to not give up on taking care of myself. I am thankful for all the yoga teachers I’ve had through the years that have helped me receive this lesson.

One of which is the lovely Sharon. Sharon was the first yoga teacher I told I had MS and since that day she has supported me both on and off the mat. I am so grateful to have her as a teacher, friend, and inspiration. Thank you, Sharon.

Thanks again to all of you for being here!

Thank you to everyone who helped make that evening and the 108 days such a success.  As of today, we have raised $10,400 and I’m still fighting until we reach $10,800.  To help us raise the final $400, please make a donation at http://www.nationalmsssociety.org/goto/108daysofyogams.