It’s About Balance

Not sure you can make it 108 days?
I learned from yoga two major lessons. 1. Create and allow balance 2. Explore each day with new eyes and no judgement. Your practice will not look the same each day, so fear not. Here are some tips and suggestions to keep your 108 days healthy and happy:
~Balance- Some days I feel like pushing myself in a group class, others I do a more restorative practice at home in my bedroom just before bed. Both serve my mind and body. Remember to keep a balance in your practices.
~Hit up a new studio or teacher- practicing in a new environment or with a new teacher often allows me to look at my practice with a new eye and inspires me to keep it evolving.
~Join me at a studio or store- I’m currently in conversation with studios and stores in Chicago setting up special classes to help raise awareness for our cause and get people involved. Whether you’re committing to the 108 days or not, I’d love to have you join me at these practices! Let me know if you’re interested in more info!
~Do 5 Sun Salutations- There are many days when getting on the mat seems daunting. Typically, if I can commit to 5 Sun Salutations, I get swept away and end up doing more. If not, at least I did 5.
~Pick an intention or Mantra- As if fighting MS wasn’t enough, picking a personal intention or mantra can help focus your practice. For several years I had “Yoga will keep me calm and healthy” written on a post in note and placed on my bathroom mirror. Now every time I practice, I say this to myself. It has been my motivation to return to the mat even when life has seemed too chaotic for a daily practice.
~Practice with friends and family- Travel plans, for me, typically mean a break from any sort of exercise. With my start date of 11/20, I know I will have to figure out how to practice while visiting family. My plan is to recruit them and get them to practice with me. By telling them ahead of time, I know I’ll be held to my word.
~Breath- I had a professor in college who taught me how something so simple can have such powerful effects. Just breath. Whether in a pose on a your mat or in traffic in your car, the power of breath is wonderful.
I sincerely hope you will consider taking this challenge with me. If you have any questions let me know!